Revealed: D&AD New Blood Pencil Award winners for 2015

D&AD unveils the superstar creatives of the future at New Blood Awards

At a special ceremony tonight in London’s Shoreditch, D&AD revealed the winners of this year’s New Blood Awards.

With 288 winners from 49 countries, this year's awards were the most popular and most international yet, according to the non-profit design and advertising association.

This year, 41 young creatives were the recipients of a Yellow Pencil, with three receiving the ultimate accolade, a Black Pencil.

Black Pencil Winner:  Nationwide – How It Should Be by Greg Ormrod and Thomas Worthington, School of Communication Arts 2.0

What the Jury said: “This fearless concept is a game-changing aspiration for Nationwide and for the industry. A brave reframing of the role of banks, a real opportunity for Nationwide to stand out and a fantastic way of surfacing the brand’s values and bringing them to the here and now."

"An entry to be proud of, with potential revolutionary impact and a simple, clear and hugely relevant idea. Powerful, simple, right, true. If more creatives showed this level of ambition and pushed their clients this far we'd change the world.”

Jury Foreman was Ian Acheson, Director at Plan.

New Blood Award entrants respond to real briefs set by real clients, with the resulting work judged by top professional creatives. This year the briefs were written by Airbnb, BBC, WWF, Facebook, Nationwide, npower, Pantone, i-D, Monotype, John Lewis, TalkTalk, VICE, WeTransfer and WPP.

Entry to the awards was open to anyone in full or part-time education, recent graduates who finished their course within the past two years and anyone 23 or under. 

Black Pencil Winner:  Pantone – Project Monsoon by Nu Ri Kim, Seunghoon Shin, Yoonshin Kim, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

What the Jury said: “So place specific, turning the negative of the grey, wet monsoon into a joyful, powerful positive, the streets literally running with colour. A celebration of bad weather that encourages participation, engagement and discovery. This is a great idea very simply presented.”

Jury Foreperson was Keren House , Creative Director at Aricot Vert Brand Consultants 

Black Pencil Winner:  WeTransfer – When I’m a Dad by Tom Watkins, University of Lincoln

What the Jury said: “Such a brave, personal and unique take on the brief, with a beautiful sentiment and a maturity that belies the age of the author. The jury loved the playfulness of the illustration and the craft of the book and animation, with the added fun of the website.”

“When I’m a Dad makes a distant life-event something to look forward to, and challenges others to join the conversation. A near-perfect piece all-round, with great execution, real insight and understanding, and completely on brief captures the essence and energy of living colour brilliantly, with richness and depth.”

Jury Foreperson was Oliver Chapman, designer at Studio Moross

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Mark Bonner, D&AD President, said, “The New Blood Awards offer an unparalleled opportunity for young creative people to shine. The list of winners is a curated resource for employers to cherry pick the hottest talent just as they’re graduating.”

Here is a selection of The White Pencil Winners, which award creativity that inspires thought and change.

White Pencil WinnerPantone – Colourful Accents by Hilda Cortei, Arts University Bournemouth

What the Jury said: “A simple and beautiful idea, expertly executed. A celebration of difference and how it can unite not divide us.”

All Pencil winners were eligible to apply for the New Blood Academy, a two-week creative bootcamp supported by WPP. 

 The Academy provides an opportunity to learn from the best in the business, with graduates working alongside a WPP agency on a live brief in order to secure a foot-in-the-door, with a series of paid placements up for grabs.

White Pencil WinnerWWF – Endangered Soles by Frazer Price, John Trainor and Teddy Souter, School of Communication Arts 2.0

What the Jury said: “A tight, clever solution that takes the WWF to a brand new audience.”

Paul Godfrey, head of brand at Talk Talk and New Blood brief setter, said, "Through our partnership with the D&AD New Blood Awards we have a brilliant opportunity to support and reward new talent. We have selected entries that reflect both innovation and creative thinking while being well routed in TalkTalk’s brand purpose."

"A huge congratulations to the winners, it has been an absolute pleasure to be able to support new people and we have been highly impressed by the entries we judged." 

Yellow Pencil Winner: Talk Talk - WatchWatch by Svante Pårup, Henrik Ljungström, Anton Bolin, Johan Leborg and Fabian Lakander, Berghs School Of Communication

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