RSA Student Design Awards 2014 winners: beeswax packaging and a redesigned harness for guide dogs

The RSA Student Design Awards are 90 this year and we've got the winning entries to share with you.

The RSA Student Design Awards (SDAs) are 90 this year and we've got the winning entries to share with you.

The Awards task emerging designers with real briefs to create solutions for the social, environmental and economic issues that are at the top of the news and social agenda, such as the circular economy, water scarcity, global sanitation and the impact of the banking crisis.

 Established in 1924, the SDAs have evolved into one of the creative industry’s most cherished sources of new talent –a key scouting tool for a range of employers and offering a critical boost to fledgling design careers across different sectors.

 Each of the briefs has a dedicated prize, including paid work placements and cash awards to support career development. The winning entrants receive a year of complementary RSA Fellowship, which provides the students with access to the RSA’s Catalyst Fund, Skills Bank, and crowd-funding page on Kickstarter to further develop their projects.

 The SDAs have among the most rigorous judging process of any design awards, with the winners selected on strategic ability as well as craft skills.

 Commenting on the winners, the RSA’S Co-director of Design Nat Hunter said, “We want people to know that design isn’t about prettification: design is the cornerstone of society’s fight for positive social and environmental change. The RSA Student Design Awards exist to shine a light on some of our most difficult business challenges and create innovations to address them."

Hunter continued, "For brands, they show how important design thinking can be in remaining competitive. And the Awards demonstrate to young designers just how widely they can apply their skills in industry – and how invaluable those skills can be in making change.”

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Winner of the Unilever Award is Oliver Brunt, BA Design for Industry, Northumbria University, for Managing Personal Dignity in Times of Need

4SANITATION is a frugally designed hygiene pack for use in refugee camps. It consists of 5 ultra-condensed, long life soap blocks which are infused with a harmless yet powerful substance called ‘Titanium Dioxide’ which destroys bacteria and odour, and leaves a shield of protection after use. 

Winners of the RSA Fellows Award are Amy Webster and Jade Kent, BA Graphic Design, Design for Industry, Kingston University for In Good Hands

This is a forum that links student apprentices with socially isolated individuals, enabling the students to fulfil their live practice training requirements whilst providing social interaction free beauty / well-being treatments for vulnerable people. 

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Winners of the Natracare Award are Riikka Suominen and Thea Engerdahl, Kingston University for Sustainable Packaging: Beeswax.

This is a food packaging brand made from beeswax; a natural material that is sustainable and simple to produce whilst effectively protecting and preserving food. Production of this packaging will furthermore increase beekeeping and contribute to stabilising bee populations 

The RSA Student Design Awards Development Award Winner is  James Langdon, (Graduate) MEng in Product Design and Manufacturing from the University of Nottingham for The Gentle Guider

This is a redesign of the existing guide dog harness used by blind users. It uses 3D scanning and 3D printing capabilities to better serve the dog and the user.