Sagmeister & Walsh's fashion label rebrand is bold and bizarre

We peek inside the eye-catching new look for fashion label Milly by Stephan Sagmeister, Jessica Walsh and team.

For the last six months the design team has been reworking Milly’s brand image to create what partner Jessica Walsh describes as a "edgy, irreverent, bold and colorful" new look – which you can see throughtout this feature.

The woman behind the label, Michelle Smith, gained fast-recognition for her feminine retro and vintage inspired looks merging American sportswear influences with Parisian atelier style.

The campaign includes more than 400 images and animations. Jessica says that they needed to create so many so that they had a constant stream of fresh content to appear on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the like.

"Consumers are used to digesting large amounts of imagery and content from brands daily through social media," she says. "Recognising this, we created a campaign consisting of over 400 images and animations that accompanies an influencer programme which will will roll out over the next year on social."

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The shape of the existing M logo mark was kept, but it has taken on a new personality with a changing logo type that can showcase different attitudes.

Campaign pictures depict women using unconventional props and eccentric poses, all set against popping backgrounds of block colour.

Sagmeister & Walsh are known for their controversial ideas, as well as their use of their own bodies in promotional works. 

Stefan Sagmeister famously made a postcard featuring a naked photograph of himself to send out to co-workers to announce the opening of his studio in 1994. In 1999 he promoted a talk he was giving in Detroit by getting an intern to carve words into his skin with a scalpel.

Stefan Segmeister and Jessica Walsh then released a postcard of the pair posing naked to announce their partnership in 2012, and again with the wider team when the company’s new website was launched in May 2016.

We spoke to Stefan Sagmeister about his The Happy Show exhibition (and the naked photos) in Brighton and to Jessica Walsh at the Adobe Max conference in 2013.

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