See road signs redesigned by 42 leading graphic designers and artists

Calvert and Kinneir's classic road sign designs get a makeover from the likes of Barnbrook, Blake, Brody, Burrill, Conran, Myerscough, Rogers and Rob Ryan for a new Design Museum exhibition.

50 years ago, the way we navigated around Britain changed. The government had commissioned two designers - Margaret Calvert and Jock Kinneir - to create a unified way to lay out road signs that would make it easier for drivers to quickly read and understand signs, and these were rolled out across the countries to create a system that remains today.

50 year later, 42 of the UK's leading graphics designers and artists have paid tribute to this by creating their own versions of road signs - some funny, some thoughtful and some just taking the piss.

The project was curated by Made North and forms the basis of a free exhibition at London's Design Museum. The museum is also showing off some of Jock and Margaret's original designs including a version of the Road Works sign created for the exhibition by Margaret.

Image: Road sign by Mark Bonner of GBH. Watch our interview with Mark.

Designers taking part include A Practice for Everyday Life, Andy Altmann of Why Not Associates, Ian Anderson of The Designers Republic, Jonathan Barnbrook, Sir Peter Blake, Neville Brody, Tony Brook of Spin, Anthony Burrill, Sir Terence Conran, Ilse Crawford, Mike Dempsey, Fuel, Malcolm Garrett, Kate Gibb, Graphic Thought Facility, Betty Jackson, Dominic Lippa, Morag Myerscough, Vaughan Oliver, Julian Opie, Richard Rogers and Rob Ryan.

Image: Road sign by Alan Dye of NB Studio.

The museum is selling limited edition prints and button badges of the 1965 road signs.

Image: Road sign by Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis.

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In November, a book about road sign design, featuring the reworked posters, will be released.

Image: Road sign by Betty Jackson.

Image: Road sign by Fuel.

Image: Road sign by Graphic Thought Facility.

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Image: Road sign by Henrik Kubel.

Image: Road sign by Jonathan Barnbrook.

Image: Road sign by Mike Dempsey.

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Image: Road sign by Quentin Newark.

Image: Road sign by Sara De Bondt.

Image: Road sign by Tony Brook.

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Image: Road sign by Vaughn Oliver.