See Thirst Craft and illustrator Jack Daly’s celebration of Scottish land for Loch Lomond Brewery

A localised collaboration between two Scottish creatives for a Scottish brewery results in an elegant rebrand true to the Loch’s natural beauty.

Scottish microbrewery Loch Lomond Brewery is situated close to the River Leven in Alexandria, and its nearby environmental beauty became a central theme to its new look.

Put together by Glasgow-based drinks specialist designers Thirst Craft and illustrator and designer Jack Daly, himself originally from the banks of Loch Lomond (Balloch), a delightfully localised collaboration and celebration of iconic Scottish land took place.

Loch Lomond Brewery has rebranded both its traditional Classic and experimental Craft beer ranges, as well as introduced a new logo typeface to reflect modern perspectives on ancient land formations.

Thirst Craft, the drinks design specialists behind Yeastie Boys and Truman Brewery’s new aesthetics, commissioned Jack Daly to create a series of vector-based illustrations for the bottle and can labels.

Infused with a bright colour palette to distinguish the different beers, yet incorporating Jack’s elegant style, the illustrations bring drinkers close to the shoreline.

We feature the final illustrations for the brewery's Classic range here.

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"The images are dotted with delightful discoverables to tell the story behind the beer such as the Silkie’s silhouette (seen here) or Luss’s Fleur de Lis etymology.

"Satisfyingly, the light source even travels from morning to night across the range, tracking the day’s progression,” says Thirst Craft lead designer, Craig Black.

On the back of each label are helpful tasting notes that cover hops, taste and finish so drinkers can compare and contrast the range easily.

The Classics range rebrand will be joined by the soon to be announced Craft range, takin on an avant-garde style, so watch this space.

Jack loves illustration, typography and travel, as covered by his Wanderlust Alphabet project, which also showcases his minimalist aesthetic.

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