Serial Kolor's posters sum up nightmare clients' worst statements

These funny posters collect those phrases we've all heard from clients that just make your heart sink.

There are great clients, average clients and clients you wish would disappear and never contact you again (after paying you, of course).

It's this last group that Karachi, Pakistan-based creative agency Serial Kolor have 'celebrated' with this series of posters called Fuckilarious Bullshit. The posters feature the words of previous Serial Kolor clients that the agency calls "a little less than clowns."

So flick your way through these posters and see how many raise a wry smile or a laugh as they remind you of past clients - though hopefully not of any of your current ones.

Image: "What's the deadline? Yesterday! Hahahaha"

Image: "I don't like it. But I don't know why."

Image: "We don't have much budget. But there will be plenty of work coming your way."

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Image: "I want you to use a better font. Something like Comic Sans MS would be nice."

Image: "I am just calling to tell you I am about to send you an email."

Image: "Can't you just copy it?"

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Image: "You haven't put enough design in it!"

Image: "I am just about to send you the high-res logo. It's in Word. Is that okay?"

"You start working on it. I'll send you the brief later."

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Image: "Okay, one last minor change."