Show off your lack of athletic zeal with the Anti-Sports League

Do you spend more time fiddling with Photoshop than dribbling with a football? Join the ASL.

Feel more at ease in front of Wacom tablet than in front of a wicket?  Then the Anti-Sports League might be for you.

Not all creatives are disinterested in team sports, but those averse to the overly competitive, serious nature of such activities might find some common ground with the ASL message: 'Deflating Egos Since 2012'.

Created by Glen Liberman, the Anti-Sports League gives those who do not participate in sports culture an opportunity to join a league of their own.

The first brand offering is a line of graphic t-shirts that feature a combination of clever tag lines and a bold, iconic logo.

The t-shirts ($25 each) are available to purchase for both men and women exclusively online at

No small amount of effort has gone into the design of the newly revamped brand.

As Liberman explained about his choice of the Shield logo, "Because a good defence makes the best offence. That is, unless you have a sword."

As for the wordmark, "What’s bolder than bold? Black.Tightly kerned, because even outsiders need to stick together."

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There are six designs in the range, on black or white shirts.

"Some brands use italics for emphasis, but nothing begs for attention more than an underline," explained Liberman.

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