SomeOne creates brand identity for government-funded early payments platform

URICA is designed to help small creative businesses at the bottom of supplier chains.

UK-based design studio SomeOne has created the brand identity for a new, government-funded early payments platform, working with SomeOne/Else to launch a beta website for the upcoming service.

The platform, named URICA, is designed to help suppliers get paid on time, or even early if they want to, so smaller businesses in the UK can avoid getting into debt with banks or finding themselves without money for three months, for example.

SomeOne took inspiration from placards to create the messages seen throughout the visual branding of URICA, which is carried across to the responsive website developed by SomeOne/Else. The website features fun, brightly coloured scroll-based animations to help explain how URICA works.

To find out more about URICA, which is set to launch in April, and to take a look at SomeOne/Else's website design, visit For a closer look at some of the visual branding by SomeOne, use the slideshow controls above and right.

"We needed SomeOne to come up with a striking brand identity that made people sit up and take notice that we are here, we are serious, and we really can change the way business is done in the UK," said CEO of URICA Lindsay Whitelaw.

"Why should a design boutique wait 90 days for a payment from a multinational? It's an acute challenge in the creative industries that URICA addresses brilliantly," SomeOne founder Simon Manchipp about the new the program.

Right: SomeOne/Else took SomeOne's visual identity and applied it to a fully responsive website.

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Right: SomeOne's URICA visual identity designs used as advertising in newspapers and on buses.