These beautiful and quirky invitation designs reassure us the artform isn’t dead

Gestalten’s new book features bold, bizarre and downright impressive invitations for weddings to brand events.

It’s sad to think about the potential death of the paper invite in our digital-obsessive society.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a mysterious envelope in the mail, and the delight when you realise it’s not a bill but alas, someone who wants to hang out with you in the real world (and not just tag you in memes online all day).

Although we may no longer need invitations for birthdays and get togethers (thank Facebook invites for that) the artform is very much still alive, if not appreciated even more so, for milestone events. Wedding invitations still continue to be an invitation most couples spend a lot of time designing and putting together, but there are also others – such as baby showers, the launch of a brand, a corporate event or our grandma’s 80th if you’re lucky.

As an artform that doesn’t receive as much attention as it should, Gestalten has published a book that celebrates the epic, most innovative invitation designs I’m sure you’ve ever seen. These are not your everyday, whip-up-in-Photoshop-in-10-minutes type invitation, these are are a serious testament to craftsmanship.

From a wedding invitation inspired by the board game Jumanji to an entire hamburger shoe made out of paper by Ollanski, these designs are a tribute to pushing the boundaries of creative freedom.

You’re Invited invites you to be inspired and impressed at the versatile medium of invitation design.

Purchase You're Invited for £40/US$60 from Gestalten now.

Check out some of the beautiful invitation designs and how they were created in this feature. 

Image: Ollanski’s invitation to a Kangaroos Deutschland event looks suspiciously like a hamburger on a sesame seed bun

Image: Designer Ian Collins created his own invitations for his wedding in the woods. Printed on his home printer and laser cut wth a rented cutter and engraver, the pop-up trees and overall invite are beautiful. 

The RSVP card came with detachable map of the surrounding area, and a field guide was also included with illustrations done by Collins' wife, which depict local plants and animals. 

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Image: Don and Fangting's wedding invitations have beautifully rendered images of the couple in Hollywood stylised form, and the invitations are postcards – a nice touch. 

Image: This invitation by Boldhouse Creative designer Asia Forbes fuses Beverly Hills Hotel glamour and a vintage Hawaiian aesthetic. 

The invitations feature flat full-colour printing and gold foil letterpress on cotton paper. 

Asia's hand lettering is a nod to the iconic hotel logo. The gold envelopes were addressed by hand using modern calligraphy. 

Image: Illustrator Nathan Yoder creates wedding invitations for his siblings. For his brother Zach's wedding, he drew a portrait of his brother and now sister-in-law Rachel in pen and ink. The final piece is a homage to announcements of the 1930s and 1940s. It's hand-lettered and printed as an offset lithography. 

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Image: Designer Lize-Marie Dreyer from Aurora Creative Studio says good invitation design is like a movie trailer – it quickly tells a story that leaves the audience excited for what is to come.

Dreyer's custom-made invitation designs are meticulous in detail, and try to reflect the uniqueness of each couple.