These brilliantly funny posters have a serious message about the importance of creative education

As children return to school, the message of these hilarious posters is still as important than ever.

Our children have started or returned to school this week, which gives us a change to re-run these brilliant funny posters created by ad agency Team Detroit for the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Originally released in 2011, they are a pitch-perfect parody of drugs awareness posters. The choice of photography, design and copywriting are spot on, which is why they went viral and still pop up occasionally today.

But there's a serious point to them that is incredibly relevant today – even more so today than in 2011.

The central joke is based on that studying arts subjects can be seen by parents as reckless behaviour that will ruin a teenager's life. The sad truth is that opinion seems to be genuinely held by parts of government – as evidenced by our Department of Education's obsession with STEM subjects (Science, Technology, English and Maths).

Our current education secretary Nicky Morgan hasn't been as publically dismissive of arts education as her much-reviled predecessor Michael Gove, but neither has she been particularly supportive.

Thankfully, things seem to be improving. Even that bastion of serious business, the CBI, has publically recognised the importance of arts education and the creative industries (albeit clumsily).

The importance of creative education to the success of our economy – that a design degree is the equal of one in coding or biotechnolofy – is something that we need to keep reinforcing to government, the wider world of business, schools and our own children.

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