These design conference ads are hilarious (and accurate)

These posters, bags, videos, website and full identity gently poke fun at how designers think.

The inner workings and frustrations of a designer's mind are put on display as part of Toronto creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo's (the guys behind the popular #saynotospec video) bold, humorous identity for Canadian design conference DesignThinkers 2018, which includes notable speakers Aaron Draplin, Jessica Hische and Gemma O'Brien.

The concept of 'speaking the truth' is explored through honest, provocative and hilariously accurate phrases used across the conference's posters, animated digital boards, merchandise, lanyards and more, which speak straight to the design community.

Take a look at these posters for example, or the conference lanyards, which read 'just a funny name for business necklace'.

"By focusing on common truths that most designers often think, but never say out loud, we want to spark conversation and inspire those in attendance to speak the truths of their own," says chief creative officer and founder of Zulu Alpha Kilo, Zak Mroueh.

These animated digital boards play on the idea that designers can say one thing, but actually mean another.

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The dedicated conference website has information for two different conferences (Vancouver and Toronto). To highlight the difference between the two, each city scrolls in opposite directions from each other.

The conference identity has been described as reflecting "a whimsical mirror on the design community" by the conference organisers, Association of Registered Graphic Designers.

DesignThinkers is taking place in Vancouver and Toronto on May 29–30. The two-day event includes designers and speakers sharing their thoughts on branding, trends, design management and communications technologies.

Read on to see more of the DesignThinkers 2018 identity. 

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