These posters spread the love after Brexit

These billboards, bus shelter and railway platform posters have been designed by non-profit Caremongers to lighten the mood following June's referendum.

You may have seen one of these suspiciously friendly posters dotted around certain UK cities. No, they're not trying to sell you something. The lovely messages of acceptance and inclusion popped up just under a month ago as a counter response to hate crimes following Brexit.

Caremongers is the non-profit behind the initiative – set up by graphic designer Jon Richards with the sole intention to lighten the mood by spreading funny, kind and positive messages on billboards, bus stops and online.

The simple yet infectious first wave of posters can be spotted on bus shelters and railway platforms in five cities - Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Swindon and Edinburgh.

Image: Jon Richards and Dan Dinsey, partners of design studio Obladee, stand next to a Bristol roadside poster

The trio wanted to counteract negative attitudes following the wave of hate and abuse that ripped through the UK following June’s referendum. 

"Everytime I saw the news in the days after the referendum I felt powerless," says Jon.

"I felt like I wanted to do something. Then I suddenly realised that there is something you can do. We chatted and came up with the idea of Caremongers, the opposite of scaremongers, that was used so much in debates about the EU."

The organisation has been crowd funded through their JustGiving page, with brother Paul and friend Dan Dinsey helping Jon to run the posters for a month from August 15.

The campaign has raised £1545 from supporters so far, 61 percent of the £2500 target.

"If it makes even one person smile and feel welcome here, then it’s all bee worth it," says Jon.

Image: Swindon roadside poster

Jon is based in Swindon, as one half of the design partnership Obladee with Dan. Jon specialises in company brand identities and helping with online presence.

He also enjoys photography, and creating wedding stationary and invitations.

Caremongers is looking for volunteers who have design and writing skills to help create messages in the hope another campaign will be supported by further donations.

Head to the Caremongers JustGiving page to see how you can donate or help out.

Check out more of the Caremonger posters on the next slides.

Image: Swindon Billboard

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Image: Edinburgh railway poster

Image: Birmingham railway poster

Image: Manchester railway poster

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