This lovely owl-faced watch was designed by graphics luminary Clifford Richards

Created for the London Design Festival, this match is an unashamed pop product - fun, cute and stylish.

Clifford Richards is 82, and is still producing really fun graphic design work – the latest of which is this rather lovely colourful watch created to coincide with the London Design Festival 2016. Clifford – or 'did you mean Cliff Richard', as Google calls him – was commissioned by timepiece brand Mr Jones, which is based on the Oxo Tower on the South Bank.

Clifford isn't as well remembered as some of his contemporaries from the 1960s, likely because he quit creating works for brands for producing his own products - though his colourful design work has a place in the V&A Museum's permanent collection. His work is unashamedly bright populist – even back in his commercial days created for things you'd think of as products rather than brands, and an antithesis of the often-po-faced serious graphic design work you'll see in many big tomes celebrating 60s graphic design.

He designed album covers for Sandie Shaw, wrapping paper for Paperchase and even now designs metal cabinets and postboxes for The Original Metal Box company. He's also designed slot-together products including a build-your-own clock for the V&A Shop.

"I've always enjoyed making things stand up or applying graphics to objects," he told Gavin Lucas in Creative Review in 2012, "which is what I'm still doing really."

And he's clearly still doing it here.

The Timewise watch has a large heart-shaped owl's head as its hour hand, while a small mouse runs around the outside to indicate minutes. It's an appealing design, with the mouse appearing to boldly move past the predatory owl as each hour progresses. But there's no deeper meaning here - like much of Clifford's work, it's purely an aesthetic exercise.

The design is set in a 37mm stainless steel shell with a monogram on the false bezel on the left. The size and relatively short dark brown leather strap make it more suitable for women than men - it looks great on Ashleigh's wrist here but less so on my broader arm.

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The Timewise watch costs £175 and is an edition of 100.

It comes in this illustrated box and can be bought from the Mr Jones website.

Photography: Dominik Tomaszewski. Model: Ashleigh Allsopp