Toucan play at that game - big bird branding for Brazil green group

With a timely nod to the fact that there are more aspects to Brazil than football, we take a look at the branding for environmental organisation IBRA

IBRA (Brazil Environmental Institute) is a newly formed civic body established in Itajaí, a Brazilian city in the southern state of Santa Catarina. Requiring a brand identity, IBRA turned to Inteligência Marketing and its Art Director, Manoel Andreis Fernandes.

IBRA aims to raise awareness among the present and future population in relation to the environment, as well as encouraging the preservation and dissemination of Brazilian culture. It spreads scientific and technical knowledge in order to educate Brazilian society about environmental pollution and supervises areas where domestic waste is deposited.

According to Manoel, a graphic designer who graduated in 2011 from the Universidade do Vale do Itajaí, it took three months to build the identity. “Everything started from in-depth knowledge about the institute,” he says. “A site visit and exchange of information with those responsible for the program was essential. The next step was to search for references and develop sketches and idea options.”

“The idea of the project is to present the colours of Brazil, the forest and the animals, reinforcing the diversity and beauty of nature in our country,” he adds. “The Toucan is one of the best known and most beautiful birds of Brazil, so it became Tullius, the mascot.”

Manoel says that as the Toucan is also an endangered animal, it perfectly represents IBRA's mission: “The Toucan is known for its beak, its indescribable beauty and its vibrant colours that match the joy of the people of this country and reinforce the diversity and perfection of nature.”

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