Trollbäck + Company rebrands The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel's first rebrand in 31 years sees Trollbäck + Company completely reinvent the network's design.

Creative studio Trollbäck + Company has given The Weather Channel its first rebrand in 31 years.

The New York-based design team was commissioned by America's weather network to completely re-invent the channel's design. Everything from the maps and charts to icons and graphics has been redesigned by Trollbäck + Company.

"The extensive graphics packaging includes the rebrand of Severe Weather show properties; virtual 3D sets; primetime promo packaging toolkits; a motion control mountain-view time-lapse with typographic lighting; and live-action talent IDs showcasing a deeper view of network personalities," Trollbäck + Company explains on its website.

Even the physical sets have been given a makeover, and are now able to interact with new graphics. They haven't forgotten to redesign the sound, either, as audio elements such as show opens and alerts have been reimagined with help from Man-Made Music.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to take a closer look at Trollbäck + Company's The Weather Channel rebrand.

Right: The Weather Channel's new dial designs

Right: Trollbäck + Company has also redesigned The Weather Channel's icons.

Right: The Weather Channel local forecasts have a new look.

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Right: Every element of The Weather Channel has been reimagined.

Right: The rebrand includes a hashtag #ItsAmazingOutThere.