3D-printed chocolate service wants to scan your face and put in on a lolipop

Startup Candy Mechanics will offer heads in chocolate biscuit or strawberries and cream flavours.

We've covered a variety of delicious-sounding experiments with 3D-printed chocolate over the past few years from both universities and big brands – but none have ever become commercially available. Unless you count 3D-printed sugarcraft (we don't).

So when we were told about a new service that will turn 3D scans into chocolate models like these versions of the Queen's head, we got excited again. However, Candy Mechanics isn't offering actually-3D-printed chocolate – but until that really does happen, this is the next best thing.

Candy Mechanics isn't a service yet – it's still a Kickstartup – and it's not the chocolate that's produced using a 3D printer, but the moulds. So the results have a level of detail you'd expect from moulded chocolate, not a 3D printer.

Candy Mechanics was set up by Sam Part and Benjamin Redford during a programme set up by Makerversity and hosted at Selfridges in London.

Their Kickstarter fundraising starts on September 9, which is the same day that Queen Elizabeth II takes the record for longest living British monarch from her great great grandmother Victoria (barring anything unfortunate in the next eight days) – hence the use of the Queen's head as a promotional design.

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There are two flavours Strawberries & Cream: with white chocolate, freeze-dried strawberries and crisp balls; and Chocolate Biscuit with milk chocolate, wafer and dark chocolate crisp balls.

Customers who fund the project can get their face scanned – or anything else they want, we assume – and produced as small-batch chocolates.

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