Explore Timo Kuilder's clean, geometric illustrations for this new mobile puzzle game

Interact with Timo's black-and-white illustrations in his game, Kontrast – available now for iOS and Android.

Amsterdam-based freelance illustrator Timo Kuilder and his brother, creative developer Jurre Kuilder, have released a beautifully illustrated monochrome mobile game called Kontrast. It's designed to encourage players to interact creatively with Timo’s seven bespoke animated scenes.

The aim of the game is to help each shape find its way home, so the player is challenged to move shapes around until they’ve made their way through the maze of surreal objects. For example, one level ends when a ball rolling down a hill and finds its place in the eye of a person, completing the illustration in an unexpected way.

Any object in Kontrast can be moved, dragged away, rotated and tossed. The game is best experienced in a single sitting of anywhere between five and 30 minutes.

Download Kontrast from Google Play or iTunes for £0.79/US$0.99.

The mobile game blurs the lines between a puzzle game and enhancing Timo’s iconic clean line geometric shapes and figures. 

"I call it a game, but it’s really more of a way to give illustrations a new an entertaining dimension," says Timo, who created the illustrations entirely in game development platform Unity, alongside his brother’s coding skills. The brothers have been working to create Kontrast as a side project for over a year.

Kontrast is available today for iOS and Android.

The game's sound design has been created by Ambrose Yu, a composer who specialises in creating sound for film and animation. The sound effects essentially enhance the overall experience. Each of the seven animated illustrations have their own unique soundscape.

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Timo has worked as a freelance designer and illustrator for Zwartekoffie – his the multi-disciplinary design practice – since 2008. He's picked up clients such as Twitter, Facebook, Adobe, TED and WeTransfer.