A hand-crafted robot, 4K drone & 6-tonne crane promote London's new creative centre

Poke and The Theory have used some high-tech toys in a film to promote Here East in the Olympic Park.

As narrator, the film features a double-life size animatronic head designed and developed by John Nolan Studio in Stoke Newington. The robot took eight weeks to build from scratch, and features over thirty individual addressable ‘muscles’ to enable expression and movement.

"Here East was a dream project for us," said John Nolan. "An opportunity to build the ultimate robot, something we know and can identify with, something we see everyday...a human.  And to be considered as one of East London's makers in a project like this was incredible - the chance to create the voice of Here East."

Already home to the studios of broadcaster BT Sport, Here East intends to create over 7,500 jobs, including 5,300 directly on-site and a further 2,200 in the local community, through the impact of using local supply chains and new business generation.

Here East includes shared workspaces and public areas that are designed to foster a tight community, alongside a shared yard with space for discussion and events, a landscaped canalside and cafes, shops and restaurants.

The former Press Centre will be ready for occupation in early summer 2015, while Loughborough University will open its new London campus to its first cohort of students in October 2015.

The former Broadcast Centre will feature office and studio space, and will undergo a phased delivery, with the complete space ready for occupation in early 2016.

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“Here East is a bold and ambitious development, which demands a bold and ambitious approach to brand communications," said Tom Hostler, founding partner at Poke. "This film is a rallying call to the creative and maker communities to create excitement and bring Here East to their attention, explain the purpose and intent of the brand – and, by using an all-local supply chain, demonstrate its commitment to economic uplift in East London.”

Commenting on the launch of the film, Gavin Poole, CEO of Here East, said the team wanted to showcase the scale of the ambition and the values that lie behind Here East. “From concept to final cut, this film was inspired and created by the fantastic array of talent that exists in East London,” he added.