Limited edition 3D-printed skull cases created for 3D scanner

3D artist Joshua Harker has created the cases for Fuel3D’s 3D scanner as part of its Kickstarter campaign.

To help promote the Kickstarter campaign for its £700 3D scanner, Fuel3D has enlisted artist Joshua Harker to create a 3D printed case for high-funding pledgers.

As with much of Joshua's 3D printed artworks, the case features intricate swirls within a central form – in this case a skull. Its design draws on the traditions of artwork linked to the Mexican festival Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) – though these designs are often today seen as being 'tattoo style', divorced from their original heritage.

“I am hugely impressed with the quality of the scans that I have seen from the Fuel3D scanner and am intrigued by the multitude of possibilities such a tool can bring to the table for artists,” says Joshua.

“The very reasonable price means that more people will be able to use the technology to get creative with 3D images and continue to push the medium in exciting new directions."

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"This access ushers in a new phase of liberated design," continues Joshua. "To channel forms from one dimension into another is a profoundly powerful ability once only associated with the occult… welcome to our new reality!”

Right: The Fuel3D separated from its case.

Joshua's case is made from 3D printed polyamide and described by him as as an "OUIJA planchette executed in the tangled filigree aesthetic".

Fuel 3D says the case aptly demonstrates the potential of its eponymous 3D scanner to enable the creation of short-run, 'special edition' product variants.

Right: The Fuel3D separated from its case.

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Only 40 of the cases are to be created, for which buyers have to pledge $1,490 (around £950). At the time of writing, 37 of these cases were remaining.

There are currently 16 days to go on Fuel3D's funding campaign, which as raised approaching $250,000 (£160,000) from its initial goal of $75,000 (£48,000).

Right: Check out the detail on Joshua Harker's 3D printed case for the Fuel3D.