10 fantastic illustrations inspired by the number 10

Commissioned one-off artworks from illustrators James Joyce, Kate Moross, Steven Willson & Danny Sangra to mark a decade of Breed in the London creative scene.

Olivia Triggs’ creative agency Breed has survived 10 years in the London landscape – and to celebrate a decade of supporting artists, it’s throwing a big birthday bash involving a whole exclusive range of new artworks.

Breed commissioned a series of one-off artworks from its own artists and illustrators such as Kate Moross, Steven Wilson, Danny Sangra and Matt Blease. Each piece of work is a tribute to Olivia’s achievement of keeping her creative agency alive in London for 10 years.

Image: Matt Blease

Olivia’s vision for a creative agency began in 2007. She wanted Breed to not only represent progressive artistic talent, but to play a role in supporting their careers and creativity, which is no small feat in an increasingly competitive London market.

Now 10 years later, Breed has a successful stream of high-profile commercial and editorial projects for its 13 illustrators and photographers. Olivia started representing Steven Wilson, Neal Murren and Rose Stalled, shortly joined by James Joyce and Kate Moross. Early clients were Underman, Nike USA and Universal - all with Steven Wilson.

Image: Danny Sangra

Since then Breed has gone on to work with Natasha Law and her collaboration with Mulberry, art work for stage shows in New York and London, printed material for New York Fashion Week and James Joyce’s work at Dismaland - Banksy’s take on a theme park at Weston-Super-Mare in 2016. You can read about more of Breed's work here.

Artists under Breed have produced book and magazine covers, ad campaigns, editorial illustrations, exhibitions and put together vibrant store front displays among other projects.

Image: Paul Castro

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Eleven bespoke artworks have been created, each representing the artist’s own interpretation of the role Breed has played in the UK’s creative market over the last 10 years.

Breed consists of illustrators Andy Gilmore, Anna Bu, Kliewer, Craig & Karl, Danny Sangra, James Joyce, Kate Moross, MASA, Matt Blease, Natasha Law, Neal Murren, Paula Castro, Steven Wilson and photographers Cat Garcia and Danny Sangra.

Take a look at the work.

Image: Anna Bukliewer

 Image: Kate Moross

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Image: James Joyce

Image: MASA

Image: Steven Wilson

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Image: Craig and Carl