17 brilliant film posters reimagined by illustrators for Film4's 2016 outdoor summer screenings

See the wonderful posters commissioned by Print Club London for the film festival at Somerset House – including posters for Robocop, Ex Machina and Trainspotting.

Every year in August, the Film4 Summer Screen at the Somerset House offers a chance to see blend of classic, cult, and contemporary films spread over 14 nights on London’s largest outdoor screen.

And each year, Print Club London commissions some of their favourite illustrators to create a poster for each of the films – and they're now on sale from Somerset House or PCL's website.

Last year's Summer Screen Prints was a huge success with artists showing off their excellent unique posters of films, therefore, for the fourth year, Summer Screen Prints is back, with a new collection of posters to view and buy. This is an excellent exhibition to see a series of unique contemporary screenprinted posters that have been inspired by films from the current year's selection.

As in previous years, the posters were created under the curation of Print Club London – who picked the artists and paired them with the films.

The exhibition runs alongside the film season from July 27 to August 17, from 10am to 6pm (and from 6.30-9pm for those attending screenings from August 2017). You will also be able to buy the posters from the Print Club London website.

The first week kicks off with a screening of Things To Come on August 4, the latest film by Mia Hansen-Løve (and not, as we originally thought, the 1935 sci-fi classic Things to Come based on the story The Shape of Things To Come by HG Wells). Paul Wardski has created this poster for the film.

August 5 is Bram Stoker's Dracula - and this sensual poster by Cassandra Yap.

Ex Machina on Aug 6 features art by Concepción Studios - which is a double bill with the original Robocop (see next page).

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Joe Wilson's poster for Robocop.

Aug 8: 10 Things I Hate About You - art by Daisy Emerson

Aug 9: Walkabout - art by Rose Stallard

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Aug 10: Julieta - art by Louis Carpenter 

Aug 11: Best of Ten: Kubrick Classics - art by Lucille Clerc

Aug 11: Best of Ten: Kubrick Classics - art by RYCA

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Aug 12: Jackie Brown - art by Jean Jullien (shown)

Aug 13: Galaxy Quest - art by MOL 

Aug 13: The Final Girls - art by Jordan Andrew Carter

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Aug 14: Funny Face - art by Joe Cruz (shown)

Aug 15: Trainspotting - art by Peter Strain  (shown on next page)

Aug 16: Girlhood - art by Joe Vass 

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Aug 17: Captain Fantastic - art by Elliot Kruszynski

Part of the exhibition will include sketches and roughs, plus behind-the-scenes films about their creation.

You can also pick up prints from previous years, which you can check out on the following pages.

Print Club London's posters for Film4 Summer Screen at the Somerset House 2015

True Romance

Cassandra Yap has created the perfect poster to represent the film True Romance, featuring scenes from the film wrapped in Rosanna Arquette's iconic sunglases.

Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is one of my favourite anime films. Joe Wilson's poster reminded me of the spiritual landscape and the creatures that where in the film.

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Gemma Bovery

Based on Posy Simmond's graphic novel, Gemma Bovery is set in in the French countryside. Lucille Clerc's artwork is formed of elements found in that world, shaped to represent the film's central theme of a heart-divided.

West Side Story

One of my favorites, in this artwork Rose Blake has recreated the jumbled scenery of New York City, topped with a heartwarming quote from Tonight.