55 Bulgarian artists create limited-edition playing cards

The Infinite Collision deck will be only available for purchase during the Kickstarter-funded campaign.

Infinite Collision is a brand new Bulgarian design collaboration community that has come together to create a set of illustrated playing cards, only available on Kickstarter.

55 of the country's top artists and designers from the fields of 3D art, illustration, concept art, typography, character design and many more have joined forces into this rather eclectic art project.

The project’s unique take on the standard themed playing cards deck is that each artist was given complete freedom over their card design, expressing unique individual style and technique into a single artwork.

No two artworks are the same, unless of course you flip a card over to see the back design.

The Infinite Collision playing cards deck will be only available for purchase during the Kickstarter campaign, which ends on the 23rd of January.

Images: Three of Clubs by Kostadin Kostadinov, and Joker by RadoSlav Valdozar

Images: Jack of Clubs by Tochka Ilieva, and Queen of Clubs by Kaloian Toshev aka MZK

Images: Eight of Clubs by Letters for Breakfast, and Four of Spades by Robert Kreuzinger

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Images: Jack of Spades by Georgi Kateliev, and Ace of Spades by Pavel Pavlov

Images: King of Clubs by Lubomir Arsov, and Five of Diamonds by Zhivko Terziivanov

Images: Four of Spades by Pavel Popov, and Four of Clubs by Jelio Dimitrov Arsek


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Images: Two of Diamonds by Zlatina Zareva and Two of Clubs by Neli Drumeva