Take a trip back to the 80s with Yoko Honda's Summertime Love

We've got an exclusive preview of Yoko Honda's artwork for the latest Belly Kids release

The latest Belly Kids release, Summertime Love lets you visit an 80s salon, relax in an apartment under the gaze of Michael Jackson, explore the banana building, spot a UFO in the skies or chill at the motel.

From her home in Japan, Yoko Honda has designed a fictional town full of shops and pastel interiors, all with a retro 80s feel.

With 28 pages of litho printed illustration, the book is officially released at the end of the summer.

You don't have to wait that long however,  so get your Wayfarers on and have a sneak peek at inside Yoko's mind. 

 ImagePop Life by Yoko Honda

ImageAdult by Yoko Honda

ImageDream by Yoko Honda

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ImagePool  side motel by Yoko Honda

Image: Romance by Yoko Honda

ImageFuture Romatic by Yoko Honda

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