Angela Lizon creates funny, creepy oil paintings from Photoshopped surreal 'vintage' portraits

These painted artworks see children and animals playing dress-up with oddly appealing results.

Photoshopped 'photos' of animals in period dress and other surreal, faux vintage artworks are on the walls of every gastropub and Shoreditch hangout, it seems. But artist Angela Lizon has taken the natural next step of creating oil paintings from such photomontages - giving the results a more authentically creepy or funny feel.

Angela begins by creating digital versions of her works in Photoshop - bringing together vintage photography with kitsch decorations. She then paints them in oil at large scale - as shown here - to increase their impact.

Image: Ruff ruff!

Angela is exhibiting these works at a show called Menagerie at Gallery 8 in London from April 8.

Image: Easter Bonnet

The artist says that she's influenced by Eastern European fairy-tales and her Catholic upbringing.

Image: Stepping Out

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Angela's images of children draw inspiration from 17th century paintings of the young members of the Spanish royal family by Diego Velázquez.

Image: Springtime

Image: Mermaid

Image: Midnight Blue

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Of her use of dolls, Angela says "These are items which are valued, treasured and sometimes reviled as expressions of personal identity, taste and class. Such ornaments are mass produced and often end their lives in charity shops. The journey from treasure to trash, and the memories within that, fascinate me."

Image: We Salute You (Mexican Wave)