Anthony Burrill poster book gives you 30 wryly inspirational prints

Featuring works such as 'Work Hard & Be Nice to People', this book of detachable A3-ish prints lets you decorate your studio in a jiffy.

Anthony Burrill's typographic posters have proved popular with leading design studios – and now Laurence King has collected some of his best work into a poster book for those who'd rather pay £20 for 30 posters that are a little smaller than A3, rather than £40-£100 per smidge-under A1 print.

I Like It. What Is It? follows the format made popular by books such as Gig Posters and the DC Comics 75th Anniversary Poster Book: including 30 detachable posters ready for framing, plus a smattering of background about the posters. This includes the story behind Anthony's best known poster, Work Hard & Be Nice To People – a phrase overheard by him in a Brixton supermarket as advice give by an elderly customer to a checkout girl.

Alongside Work Hard... the collection includes other straightforwardly inspirational pieces such as Give The Joy Back and Think Of A New Idea, works that might seem cheesy if it wasn't for the boldness with which Anthony designs his posters – and that they sit next to works that are wryly humorous (such as the title piece and What Do You Mean What Does It Mean?), political, commercial (including his design for the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel) or just him and his sister with a horse.

You also get a pack of stickers to decorate your MacBook with.

I Like It. What is It? is out in November 2013. As part of its launch, an exhibition of Anthony's work will be on show at KK Outlet in London from Nov 8-30.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see more of Anthony's work from I Like It. What is It?

Right: What Do You Mean What Does It Mean? and Work Hard & Be Nice To People

Right: Background on Is it OK for Me TO Have Everything I Want and I Like It. What Is It?

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Right: Make It Now and the sticker sheet.

Right: I Like It. What Is It? is a little under A3 in size, and features 30 posters.