Anti-advertising campaign replaces 360 ads with art in 10 UK cities

38 artists participated in the latest 'Brandalism' takeover, including Stanley Donwood & Peter Kennard.

Artists including Peter Kennard and Radiohead artist Stanley Donwood have taken part in the latest Brandalism takeover, which saw 360 adverts across the UK replaced with anti-advertising artwork.

Over the weekend, 360 original artworks from 38 international artists were used to replace bus stop ads, billboards and posters in cities including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, London, Oxford and Manchester. 

Each piece of art in the 'Brandalism' campaign is based on the negative impacts of consumerism, including human rights, debt, climate change, body image, gender stereotypes and more.

This isn't the first time that Brandalism has replaced ads with artwork in the UK, though it is the biggest takeover yet. The campaign began in July 2012, when 40 billboards in five cities were targeted.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see more of the Brandalism artwork that appeared on the streets of the UK this week.

In addition to London-based photomontage artist Peter Kennard and Radiohead's artist of choice Stanley Donwood, the UK's Paul Insect, Bill Posters and Goldpeg were also among the Brandalism participants, alongside France's Princess Hajeb, USA's Ron English, Polland's Peter Fuss, Australia's Anthony Lister and more.

Right: Stanley Wood's artwork for the Brandalism campaign.

"This is a revolt against visual pollution," said Bill Posters, the artist behind the anti-advertising poster right. "Advertising is the key driver of a system which destroys our future to fulfil the demands of the present, a ceaseless explanation of production and consumption. Communities are taking back control over their public spaces – expect many more actions like this in the near future.'

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Right: Poster design by UK-based artist Hannah Adamaszek as spotted in Manchester.

Right: Paul Insect's Brandalism art can be found in cities around the UK including in Manchester, where this poster was installed at House of Fraser in Deansgate.

Right: Australian artist Fitan Magee's Brandalism poster.

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Right: Paul Insect also created the #This (Will Not Change The World) poster, seen here in London.

Right: This artwork by Australian artist Ankles reads "The Large Print Giveth, The Small Print Taketh Away" and is shown here in Manchester.

Right: Peter Kennard's Brandalism poster can be found in London, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester and more cities across the UK.

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Right: Ghost Patrol's 'Equality' poster in Manchester.