AOI Illustration Awards winners 2014: check out the winning work

The AOI Illustration Awards competition winners have been announced - and we've put them on display for you

Formerly known as ‘Images’ and now in its 38th year, the UK-based AOI Illustration Awards competition accepts submissions internationally and recognises illustration from across the world.

Established in 1973, the Association of Illustrators (AOI) is a non-profit trade association with a membership that includes freelance illustrators, agents, clients, students and colleges.

Judges appointed two winners from categories that included advertising and design, books, editorial and research communication. Each category had a New Talent Category Winner and a Professional Category winner.

From these chosen category winners, two overall winners will be chosen in the third round judging in October 2014: The AOI Illustration Professional Award Winner 2014 and The AOI Illustration New Talent Award Winner 2014.

Use the slideshow controls right and above to view more of the winners.

(Right) The Advertising and Design Professional Category Winner 2014 is Andy Ward, for UCSC Cares which forms part of a series of four posters for a mental health awareness campaign for the University Of California's Santa Cruz campus.


This year’s judges included It’s Nice That editor Rob Alderson; Andrew Diprose, art director of Wired magazine and Ride Journal; Sam Arthur, co-founder and CEO of Nobrow; and Rachel Denwood, publishing and creative director at HarperCollins Children’s Books.

AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Advertising and Design New Talent Category Winner

World's End Clothes by Jasu Hu

World's End Clothes is a self-initiated publishing project with the combination of architecture and fashion design in order to create a new applied approach with the visual language of architecture. 

All category winning work and a selection of the images shortlisted will feature in the AOI Illustration Awards exhibition, which will tour across the UK from October 2014 – with the winning work published in an awards issue of Varoom Illustration magazine.

AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Books New Talent Category Winner

The Rite of Spring by Katie Ponder

Through her series of illustrations Katie encapsulates the terror and drama told through Stravinsky’s music from The Rite of Spring. Katie listened to Stravinsky’s music and used it as the narration to fuel her interpretation of the story from the ballet

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AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Books New Talent Category Winner

 The Alexander Trilogy by Geoff Grandfield

The brief was for The Alexander Trilogy by Mary Renault: A set of historical novels with a cult following; dramatising the extraordinary and short life of one of the most brilliant military leaders ever.

The Folio Society gave Geoff the opportunity to explore an area of historical fiction which he was unfamiliar with. One of his favourite film directors, Anthony Mann, went from crime film noirs in the 1940’s to historical epics in the 60’s. After starting out being commissioned by the Folio to interpret Chandler and Greene, this project contributed to his theory of illustrating literature similar to that of a film director, but without the Hollywood budget.

AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Children's Books Professional Category Winner

SHH! WE HAVE A PLAN by Chris Haughton

Four unusual characters, a colourful bird and a plan that goes wrong. A simple tale told in images and with very few words. It tells a story about four different characters and four different ways of approaching the same problem with very different results.

AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Children's Books New Talent Category Winner 2014

Shackleton’s Journey by Wiliam Grill

Shackleton’s Journey visually re-tells the epic tale of Ernest Shackleton’s attempt 100 years ago to cross the vast continent of Antarctica. It is a story about adventure, courage and above all endurance. The picture book appeals at children and adults alike.

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AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Editorial New Talent Category Winner

Going Home Again by David Doran

This illustration was commissioned for The New York Times Book Review and accompanied an article reviewing Dennis Bock’s novel, Going Home Again. The story follows a man that spends a strange year at home, in Canada, after separating from his wife in Madrid.

The image depicts the secluded and contemplative scene of him travelling back home alone, whilst also involving the Canadian flag, in order to communicate the subtle questions of identity raised in the article.

AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Editorial Professional Category Winner

Fabricating Art by Laurindo Feliciano

Laurindo has had the chance to work for Flaunt Magazine several times. Jim Turner, the art director behind the publication, "is one of the most talented professionals” Laurindo has ever met which is exactly why the Fabrication Issue was more than a simple commission.

Jim was genuinely interested in understanding Laurindo’s work process and sent him a series of questions in order to try to find out more about what was on the mind of a collage/digital painter artist. The answers were made into an article. The illustrations have lead Laurindo to reflect on his own vision of fabricating collage.

AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Research and Knowledge Communication New Talent Category Winner

Prosopagnosia by Johanna Roehr

The image Johanna entered into the competition is one of six collagraph prints that was created in order to illustrate the neurological condition Prosopagnosia (face blindness). It is part of an on-going project, dis•order – A Visual Dictionary of Curious Neurological Phenomena, which intends to illustrate the unique perception of individuals who are affected by neurological disorders.

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AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Research and Knowledge Communication Professional Category Winner

COOP Poster by Harriet Russell

The poster for COOP, Italy, aims to present ideas about sustainable living in a simple and clear way. It was a collaboration with Italian publisher Corraini Edizioni who Harriet works with regularly, and the second part of a larger project about education in schools, called Sapere COOP. The poster will be used as part of EXPO 2015 in Milan, with the general theme 'Feed the Planet, Energy for life'.

AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Self Initiated Professional Category Winner

Brookylyn! by Aaron Meshon

Aaron illustrated all the things he loves about his home borough, Brooklyn, for a 24x36 inch promotional poster for his clients and hopefully for resale in the future. He originally drew the piece at true scale at 24x36 inches in pen and scanned and coloured the piece over a month in Photoshop.

Aaron tried to jam in as many ice cream cones and French bulldogs as he could.

AOI Illustration Awards 2014: Self Initiated New Talent Category Winner

It's no biggie by Thoka Maer

It’s no biggie is an ongoing series of pithy, ironic, pencil drawn, and digitally­ coloured animated GIFs. Each depicts moments that are all too familiar and perhaps even nostalgic to us, whether of misfortune, annoyance, joy or pleasure. As looped GIFs, each narrative is never ending, yet changes over time, continuously relying on the viewer’s own experiences.

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