Artists bring children's short stories to life with their own illustrations

Ten children's stories have been selected to be illustrated by artists in a variety of styles with striking results

In a project run by Brighton-based online retail company Edkina Limited, ten artists have collaborated with ten primary-aged children to create a set of strikingly illustrated short stories.

Children from Carlton Hill Primary School and the Tiger's Eyes Writers class in Brighton and Hove were given free rein to write a story about anything they liked. The artists, who all come from varying backgrounds, then each selected the story which inspired them the most and brought them to life by producing illustrations in their own distinctive styles.

The posters and prints of the stories with their illustrations can be purchased at, with 20% of the proceeds going to a charity chosen by the children involved called Rockinghorse, which aims to improve the lives of sick children.

Image: How Rainbows Are Created is a hilarious story about Gary, the rainbow-farting unicorn by Rebecca, aged 11. Illustration by Donya Todd.

Lola, aged 10, wrote Mr Magic, a story about a wizard who turns himself into a crocodile. Rhys Wootton illustrated her story.

Sophie and the Thing is a story about a little girl called Sophie who falls off a cliff and is saved by a mysterious ‘thing’. Written by Milly, aged 9, and illustrated by Michael Clulee.

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Tia, aged 10, wrote an eerie story called Tap Tap about a boy who can hear a tapping noise coming from underneath his bed. Sam Baldwin created the accompanying illustration.

The Boy That Can Fly! is a melancholy story about the short life of a boy who grows a pair of wings written by 9-year-old Joe and illustrated by Mat Pringle.

Freddie, aged 10, wrote The Goblin Who Couldn't Pick Up Gold, a story about a goblin who finds friendship in an unexpected placeFelix Whitlock illustrated Freddie’s story.

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The Missing Piece is a story about the importance of caring for one another and looking after Mr. Planet, written by Evelyn, aged 9 and illustrated by Babycrow.

Raneem, aged 9, wrote The Non-Stop Talking Orange, a story about an orange who won’t be quietMargaux Carpentier illustrated this story about friendship and acceptance.

The Purple Wizard, written by Bobby, aged 10, and illustrated by Manic Minotaur, is a story about a wizard who is struggling to use his powers.

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Tommy and the Toilet Squid is a story about how a boy fights off a toilet-dwelling squid. Written by Tom, aged 11 and illustrated by Definitely Mary.