Cities transformed by virtual graffiti in Tiger Translate artworks

Photographers and illustrators work together to turn streets into urban art galleries

Photographers and illustrators collaborate to create virtual graffiti in the streets of cities, as part of Tiger Translate's 'Streets' themed year.

Tiger Beer's Tiger Translate, a global initiative that aims to bring artists from the East and West together, has commissioned 10 photographers and 10 illustrators to work together to splash virtual graffiti throughout cities.

As part of Tiger's 'Streets' themed year, which it explains is designed to "celebrate the energy that infuses the streets of Asian cities and transforms them into urban art galleries," participating photographers first captured a photo of a street in their city. Illustrators then transformed those photographs by creating digital artworks over the original image.

The artwork created has been brought to life in a three-minute animation, too, which you can view here.

Tiger Translate's 'Streets' theme has already been travelling around the world, with exhibitions held in Dubai, Mongolia and more.

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see the original photographs and how they were transformed by digital graffiti.

Right: Manila, Philippines. Photographer - Indrau Manahan. Illustrator - Jason Levesque


Photographer – Farah Hanna

"Set against Singapore’s developed landscape, a traditional shophouse stands out with its resilience to defy the changes happening around it. Its facade set against a bustling modern backdrop is a perfect representation of the quickly developing city."

See next slide for graffiti version.

Illustrator – Oki-Chu

"Gold Rush: Asian chaos and New World Order."

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Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Photographer – Mojoko

"Ulan Bator, the largest city in Mongolia is the melting pot of old plus new. With traditional architecture living side by side next to newly built skyscrapers, Ulan Bator is fast becoming the streets of the future."

Illustrator – Alelx Gordo

"After checking among the Internet’s infinite wisdom, I found out that the edelweiss is a very popular flower in Mongolia so I added this motif in the artwork."

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Photographer – Paullus Stanlunas

"A view of one of the few remaining colonial buildings scattered around Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown. Many have become blank canvavses for youth to voice social opinions. In the background, the buildings are towering, pushing forward the redevelopment of the new, cutting-edge Kuala Lumpur."

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Illustrator – Eakkarlak S.

"This artwork was inspired by many factors such as the ingredients contained in Tiger beer, party lifestyle, music and creativity. This story is about a tiger that jumped into the sea and transformed its blue stripes into many inspirational things and change its surroundings."

Auckland, New Zealand

Photographer - Adam Wouldes

Illustrator - Nick Tearle

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Bangkok, Thailand

Photographer - Prasit Limprasatirakit

Illustrator - Rizki Katamsi

Hanoi, Vietnam

Photographer - Phoung Ha

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Illustrator - Russell Ong

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Photographer - Borky Perida

Illustrator - Vexta

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Seoul, South Korea

Photographer - Jun-Seok

Illustrator - Daryl Feril

Sydney, Australia

Photographer - Heiko Waechter

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Illustrator - Lio Yeu