Asma Javeri's artworks mix anatomical drawings with chocolate

Anatomy and chocolate aren't normally found together in art – but here they represent a big choice in Asma Javeri's life.

Pakistan-based illustrator Asma Javeri has created a series of artworks that blend drawings of human anatomy with chocolate. It's an incongruous combination, but it works – even if you don't know the back story behind the project.

Chocolatomy is Asma's representation of the choice she had to make between whether to study art and medicine – both areas she felt a lot of passion about.

In an entry from her notebook, Asma says that "Chocolatomy represents my [love] for [the] art of medicine, along with a little something sweet. I've found myself exploring human anatomy in the form of artistic anatomical illustrations; [with] chocolate as a subtle representation of filling a void resulting from having to choose an option and giving up the other.

"On a lighter note, it's just something that adds sugar to your timeline, hoping to sweeten your day, if not literally save lives"

The anatomy is traditionally drawn, with a style most associated with the likes of Andreas Vesalius. Mixing this detailed linework and shading with photography of soft chocoiate is what gives it its charm.

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