Be inspired by fresh UK illustration talent from Drawn Chorus Collective

The collective’s recent exhibition at London’s Espacio Gallery saw abstract digital prints, tribal linocuts and celebrity-infused gouache paintings.

Fresh UK illustration talent Drawn Chorus Collective has showcased a range of recent work in an "illustrators' exploration of exploration" exhibition at London’s Espacio Gallery, dubbed There and Back Again.

The exhibition included 30 artists' work in a range of mediums from print to collage and VR, which drew on popular television series, puns and celebrities among more abstract concepts.

Although you may not have heard of the collective yet, prints were selling fast on the night and the talent is high. It’s well worth checking out the range of quality work by Drawn Chorus Collective for creative inspiration as well as how to be part of a wider community of illustrators.

Inspired by the spirit of exploration, adventure and discovery, the show featured stand out prints from artists Kai Nodland and Chloe Smith, linocuts from Fernanda Alonso Castrejon and Abigail Moulder and bright gouache paintings by Summer du Plessis of Jimi Hendrix and others.

Drawn Chorus began with 19 illustrators (most from Middlesex University’s BA Illustration degree, including Alex Moore and Chloe Smith) striving to show original and affordable work. After two exhibitions the collective continues to attract more illustrators, so keep an eye out for its next one.

See our round-up of the best work from Drawn Chorus Collective’s There and Back Again exhibition.

Image: Alex Moore (the illustration refers to that one episode where Black Mirror made you feel happy)

Alex Moore is a freelance illustrator, comic book artist and storyboarder. She produces art for RUMPUS and other editorial clients, when not organising exhibitions for Drawn Chorus Collective. She’s also been selected for Secret 7’’ in 2015.

Chloe works primarily in silkscreen but also works digitally. She’s inspired by the absurd and youth culture.

We first spotted her at Middlesex University's grad show last year with her mythical story of how the Belgian city of Antwerp got its name

With this digital print, dubbed 'Wedding', we're not quite sure what is going on, but we're drawn to it nonetheless.

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Abigail works in two wonderfully different styles – one focused on lino printing and the other entirely collage based. Both focus on fine detail and humour, like this beautifully drawn pun on a strangely-named flower. 

It was an edition of only 20 handburnished linocut.

Summer loves intense colours, printmaking, illustrating and writing. Hailing from Namibia but now living in London, Summer is interested in elegance, humanity, humour and surprise. She's another grad we noticed at Middlesex University's 2016 show for her insanely bright risograph prints

This gouache painting is titled 'Henrix at Home'.

Fernanda is a Mexican illustrator and printmaker, whose interested in playing with image narratives both sequential and single, as well as visual journalism. Specialising in block printing, her work features bold black lines and limited colour palettes.

Fernanda's black and white linocut is called 'Happy Mountain Village (Shangri-La).

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Now based in Bristol but from Norway, Kai draws, paints, creates magazines and comics.

This bike topography screen print, when observed up close, includes familiar topography of London scenes. Can you spot the 'Gherkin'?