Boneface turns the Four Horseman into bikers for new T-shirt line

The artist behind the cover of Queens of the Stone Age's ...Like Clockwork has a new line through Disturbia Clothing.

Mysterious illustrator Boneface has been popping up a lot this week: at The Warriors-themed art exhibition Come Out To Play, at the Secret 7" charity gallery show, on my iTunes when the last Queens of The Stone Age album comes on shuffle. However, if he continues to produce work as damn fine as these new T-shirts, I'm happy to feature as much as we can fit into Digital Arts.

The four tees form a collection called Riders of the Apocalypse, turning the Biblical Four Horseman of the Apocalypse into some pretty evil-looking bikers. Created for Newcastle-based clothing label Disturbia, Death (right) and War are out now for £25 apiece. Famine and Pestilence will come out later in the year.

Disturbia's Frank Major says that for the line, "we basically wanted to make a cohesive, monochromatic, badass collection of detailed, doom-riders". Yup, they've nailed that.

Right: War

Right: Famine

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Right: Pestilence