Check out Hattie Stewart's wonderful doodles over magazine covers

See what's on show at Hatties's first solo show, in Brighton from 29 March to 26 April 2014.

London-based “professional doodler” Hattie Stewart is making a splash in the fashion world with her “doodle-bombed” magazine covers. Her pen-drawn cheeky illustrations manage to give off youthful, happy, haunting and sinister vibes all at once.

Hattie talked to Amelia’s Magazine about how she got the idea to start doodling magazine covers:

“I was watching telly and a copy of Dazed and Confused was sat in front of me. Like so many people I just started aimlessly doodling on the cover and when I’d finished thought it looked pretty cool – it all developed from there!”

As a very recent Kingston University grad, Stewart has already made a name for herself and has worked on projects with House Of Holland, Marc Jacobs, Urban Outfitters, Adidas, Luella, Diesel and other huge brands.

Hello Cheeky,” Hattie’s first solo show, will host these bold colours and quirky motif characters that make up her signature style. The show will be at the No Walls gallery in Brighton from 28 March to 26 April.

Check out a preview of the Hello Cheeky show by using the slideshow controls above and right.

Hattie told Crack Magazine about how she developed her artistic philosophy:

“I remember once when I was in Year Five we had a project where we had to draw an alien … I was desperately trying to draw your stereotypical alien and [my uncle] said to me ‘Have you ever seen an alien? Well then, you have absolutely no idea what an alien looks like. You can bloody draw anything you want!’” she said. “As a ten-year-old, that blew my mind. It was one of those small moments that stuck with me and definitely informed how I draw today. For example, I hated life drawing throughout my education because of it; why bother spending time drawing things I can already see? I’ve got my own world to create!”

Right: Jessica Simpson for GQ, July 2005

Hattie says her UK upbringing has influenced her work as an artist:

“I think the fun-loving attitude of my work with certain levels of underlying sarcasm is definitely an identity I would characterise with London.”

Right: Marilyn Monroe for TIME, May 1956

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Right: Miley Cyrus for Love Magazine, Spring & Summer 2014

Right: Beyoncé for The Gentlewoman, Spring & Summer 2013

Right: Miley Cyrus for Rolling Stone, October 2013

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Right: Rihanna for Vogue, March 2014

Right: Raquel Welch for Playboy, December 1979

Right: Amanda Lepore for Ponystep Magazine, December 2013

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Right: Miley Cyrus for W Magazine, March 2014

Right: Scarlett Johansson for Dazed, Spring 2014