What's the collective noun for your job?

Is it a 'delusion of creatives' or 'a grid of designers'? Find out in this new illustrated book.

In a hilarious effort to invent collective nouns for groups of creative types, copywriter Adrian Flores and senior creative Jana Pejkovska (known together as A+J) have come up with Creatures of Creativeland, A Postcard Book. With a good dose of charmingly self-deprecating irony, this creative pair have taken inspiration from such phrases as 'a murder of crows' and  'a superfluity of nuns' and applied the concept to groups of human beings in the creative sector.

Creatures of Creativeland is a book of 20 amusing postcards each bearing one the names the duo have invented and an accompanying collage-style image. If taken individually, some of the phrases – for example “A Gibberish of Technologists” - could run the risk of being regarded as verging on bitter or sardonic but this is cleverly softened by the playful and humourous graphics.

The result is a fun but astute collection which gently mocks not only specific groups of creatives but the creative realm as a whole, especially with gems like “A Miracle of Female Bosses”.

Creatures of Creativeland can be purchased from the BIS Publishers website.

One postcard reads: A Rant of Copywriters.

Another bears the words: A Delusion of Creatives.

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An Ambition of Managing Directors.

Others include A Bully of Clients, A Vagueness of Art Directors and A Grid of Designers.