Dario Veruari creates incredible, ethereal human forms from multicoloured threads

These 3D human characters are the beautiful result of Dario's personal goal to learn Houdini.

3D artist Dario Veruari has created these mesmerising human characters as a result of a personal crusade to learn how to use SideFX’s 3D animation and VFX software Houdini.

Using online tutorial site Entagma as a resource to kick-start the learning project, Dario created Dimensions amidst attempts to learn Houdini, and he's predicting more Houdini artwork for the year ahead. 

Dario started his creative process by posing human characters in DAZ 3D software, which specialises in providing rigged 3D human models.

He imported these into Houdini where he projected the curl noise effect into the human shapes. The curl noise effect is designed to apply a divergent-free noise field to particles so particles can move turbulently without accumulating in any location.

For more information on using the curl noise effect in Houdini check out Entagma’s online video tutorial.

Dario says the hardest part was finding the right “camera angle” of the human models.

“I think camera angles are extremely important to constructing a great composition,” he says. “For me it’s almost 50 percent of the work.”

Dario has recently just completed a year-long project in which he created one image every day, with the purpose to improve his design skills.

Regular clients of his usually include small bands and musicians such as Animals as Leaders, Unlike Pluto and Syence. 

Dario is part of a 3Dreamer.eu – an open community of around 900 computer graphics and 3D professionals based in Athens.