Discover five brilliant new illustrators who've just graduated from Kingston's MA programme

We went along to Kingston School of Art’s MA Illustration grad show and encountered talented new grads across a whole range of styles, mediums and concepts.

Kingston University School of Art's grad show for its MA Illustration course ran at Gallery Different in central London over the weekend.

Running over this weekend, the  covers everything from activities for long-distance relationships to portraits of Trump with Republican fire in his eyes. The work on show from the postgraduate students visualised topics as complex as dealing with depression and straightforward as the demagogic nature of world leaders like Donald Trump.

Here are our best picks of illustration talent from the night.

Paul Bush

Paul doesn’t mention much about himself on his website, but his illustrations do all the talking. His self-initiated book Midnight was produced using risograph printing - so he could use bright, fluorescent colours amidst deep mysterious blues. He also appreciates indie-rock band Glass Animals – great music taste.

More from Paul Bush's Midnight.

Midnight is told entirely without words.

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Paul also created a soundtrack to read the book to.

Marta is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer whose illustrations of international political leaders caught our eye straight away.

Blue lightning bolts pierce UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s eyeballs and Republican-red glows as fire in President Donald Trump’s. Marta applied to same technique to Russian president Vladimir Putin and North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un.

We first met Alice when she was working part-time as a studio assistant for Miss Led. Her Perception animation aims to warn us about the dangers of judging people by their appearance.

"How often do we judge people based on impressions that are outside of their control – like appearance, the situation or their outward persona?" says Alice, saying she wanted to focus "on shining a light and bringing awareness to how damaging it can be to judge someone based on assumptions."

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Stills from Perception also work rather well as artworks in their own right.

Hyunji is a graphic designer based in London and Seoul. Although she’s recently graduated in illustration, she's been working as a graphic and motion graphic designer for more than four years previously, gaining and impressive portfolio already including animation, branding, design, illustration and motion graphics.

Her gigantic two-part portrait illustrations Look After Your Anxiety showed a beautifully poignant visual journey of someone spiralling deep into depression and learning the steps to climb to a healthier mental state. It follows on from Hyunji’s Look After Your Tears animation and character design from a BA show in 2013.

Chih-Chiao has already worked as a website visual designer in advertising, but has a keen eye for bright illustration, painting and film photography.

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