Eye-catching illustrated prints celebrate the form of classic cameras

Graphic artist Adrian Johnson's Basilicas prints are bold and colourful representations of nine classic cameras

Graphic artist Adrian Johnson has created a series of bold, colourful prints designed to celebrate the form and function of nine classic cameras.

On show from today at the Kemistry Gallery in Shoreditch, Adrian's Basilicas series includes illustrated representations of cameras by Leica, Hasselblad, Rolleiflex, Mamiya, Olympus, Linhof and Polaroid. Each camera is depicted through the use of the same colour palette, which consists of nine colours.

The aim of the prints is to appreciate the way the cameras themselves look, rather than just what we can achieve by looking through them. Find out more about the colour palette and the composition of the prints on the next slide.

You can see Adrian's Basilicas print series at the Kemistry Gallery until 27 July, where you'll also be able to pre-order a print if you would like to buy one. From 1 August, you'll be able to buy the prints here.

In this article you can see all nine of Adrian's Basilicas prints. Use the slideshow controls above and right to see them.

We spoke to Adrian about the prints to find out a bit more about his inspiration, how he developed the colour palette and how he composed the illustrations.

"I was immediately attached to the idea of creating artwork about conventional 'analogue' cameras for their architectural qualities. The Leica M3 in particular drew comparisons with cathedrals of basilicas – especially when on its side as I've drawn it (right).

"The fact that the lenses tower above the 'dark chamber' really resonated. There's also something really interesting about seeing the camera as on object – as opposed to something you effectively 'look through'.

"For the colour palette, I felt I had to abstract the cameras with colours not associated with classic cameras. I'm a 'reductionist' at heart – there are plenty of details I've chosen to omit.  Design is often about what not to include as it is what to include.

"I felt the colour palette helps the viewer see more than just a camera. These cameras were built and designed as tools. I want to celebrate them as icons, but also for their inherent, architectural beauty."

Leica Model 1 by Adrian Johnson

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Linhof by Adrian Johnson

Leica M9 by Adrian Johnson

Mamiya by Adrian Johnson

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Rolleiflex by Adrian Johnson

Olympus Trip by Adrian Johnson

Hassleblad by Adrian Johnson

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