Amazing character art: See colourful characters from Pictoplasma's new book

Pictoplasma – Character Portraits features more than 600 works by 200 international illustrators and artists on over 400 full-coloured pages.

The new Pictoplasma compilation, Pictoplasma – Character Portraits, offers 400 full-coloured pages featuring character portraits by an international scene of artists, designers and fresh talent.

It follows in the footsteps of the long sold-out Character Encyclopaedia (2006) and Character Compendium (2012).

According to Pictoplasma founders Peter Thaler and Lars Denicke, fantasy and imagination have taken a back seat to the photographic spectacle in our postdigital culture: “As a visual antidote to the current craze for saccharine pet pictures and selfies ad nauseam, international illustrators, graphic designers and artists confront us with a stunning new generation of imaginary character portraits that hold us in the grip of their gaze.”

The compilation showcases work by 200 artists, including Aryz, Bakea, Brosmind, Bubi Au Yeung, Charles Huettner, Hikari Shimoda, Low Bros, Maniackers Design, Max Gärtner, Ori Toor, Sue Doeksen, T Wei, Ted Parker and Yomsnil.

An introductory conversation opens the collection, bringing the artists together with image theorists, cultural historians, psychologists, roboticists, cryptozoologists, media theorists and big name advertisers.

The book costs £39.50 (€49.50 / $60) from Pictoplasma Publishing in Berlin.

Work by Doudouboy.

Work by Hikari Shimoda.

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Work by Raymond Lemstra and Nina Braun.

Work by Amadine Urruty.

Work by Mark Ghemling and Melissa Godoy.

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Work by Brosmind.

Work by Jon Fox and Juan Molinet.

Work by Sue Doeksen.

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Work by Brecht Vanderbrouke.

Work by Roman Klonek.