Illustrator Inkymole's solid chocolate eggs in hand-painted packaging are what you need this Easter

Sarah J Coleman is once again launching her half-a-kilo solid chocolate eggs for Easter, this time with all-new cheeky illustrations (and ethically-sourced cocoa).

There are not many foods in this world that cause the amount of mouth-watering lust an entire solid chocolate Easter egg does, and no one knows this better than Sarah J Coleman - aka Inkymole - and her partner in crime Leigh Adams.

The pair started making solid chocolate easter eggs as an annual edible side project after a conversation with a friend over the bitter disappointment of receiving hollow easter eggs as a child.

Although the project has been running a few years now, Sarah's illustrations for the packaging take on a new design every time, and this year, there’s a new treat in every box.

Image: Sarah J. Coleman

Sarah's hand-crafted indulgent chocolatey beauties are all individually produced, numbered, (the praline flavoured eggs even brushed with edible gold dust) and packaged inside illustrated wrap.

We’ve covered Sarah’s crafty work before, such as her Christmas-themed wrapping paper and matchbook design for her US agency Bernstein & Andriulli, not to mention her beautiful book cover illustrations, but this has to be our favourite side project of hers.

Weighing over half a kilo each (540g), and hand-made with ethically-produced Colombian cocoa by a specialist chocolatier in Leicestershire, these easter eggs are designed specifically for your pure joy and clean conscience.

Cacao de Fino de Aroma is a rare cocoa denomination produced near the Colombian/Venezuelan border. Only 8 percent of the world’s cocoa is denominated as such, making the taste of your treat all the more special.

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Photo of Sarah Coleman by Rachel Parrish (The Hinckley Times).

Each egg contains 2,500 calories each - which as Sarah mentions, “conveniently” covers your recommended daily intake all in one go - and comes in nine different flavours including peanut butter, hazelnut praline, salted and solid dark, as well as solid milk and solid white chocolate flavours.

Each egg comes with a screen-printed ethical cotton illustrated tea towel and inside a box hand designed in ink by Sarah.

And don’t worry if you’re vegan or have gluten, dairy soy or nut allergies, there are options for you too.

Pre orders launched earlier this month, but the eggs are now being shipped out to places as far as Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Portugal and the US as well as in the UK.  But hurry as there’s only a limited number, and there’s a reason why they sell out every year.

Get your hands on one for £22 from the Inkymole online store. For more eggy goodness check out the Solid Egg Instagram or Facebook page.

Check out Sarah's cheeky illustrations for this year's packaging and ethical tea towels.

We don't recommend this approach to eating one of Sarah's eggs

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This seems more practical, though perhaps warm your knife before cutting.

We also recommend eating your egg rather than using it as exercise. Your warmth will melt it – and no-one wants a sweaty egg.

Yes. Yes you have.

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