Artists have collaborated with Indonesian schoolchildren to create wonderful charity T-shirts

Martina Paukova, Jimmy Turrell, Mr Penfold and more have created T-shirts based on drawings by Indonesian children to help pay for their schools.

You may not have heard of it, but the charity Face This has been supporting schools in some of Indonesia's more impoverished places in the most unique way. Co-founded by the Netherlands-based Jos van der Hoek, Face This decides to concentrates less on the negative and more on the creative side of the young lives they help, by getting them to draw their own T-shirt designs with internationally renowned artists.

For its 10th anniversary, Jos enticed artists including Martina Paukova (whose design is pictured), Jimmy Turrell and Mr Penfold to get in on the action.

Image: This T-shirt was designed by illustrator Martina Paukova and eight-year-old Rani from Darul Funun school on the island of Bogor.

The project works like this. Children such as Nita here draw pictures on paper.

These sheets are scanned and sent to artists.

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The artists create works based on the child's drawings and these are printed onto T-shirts and sold on the FaceThis for €27.95 for an adult size or €19.95 for a child's size.

"Once we locate a school in need, we set up an art class with the kids," explains Jos about the Face This process. "We then send out their work to artists from all over the world to create a T-shirt using those drawings and then the proceeds are used to improve the school."

The three schools Face This works with are based on the Indonesian islands of Java, Lombok and Flores, and all proceeds of this collection will be divided between them, enabling each to provide better education to their pupils.

Image: T-shirt by Claudine o'Sullivan and Hawanah

Commenting on the project, artist Ricardo Cavolo, whose design is pictured, says "being able to collaborate with a kid is just a dream."

"I’m really interested in that ‘Naïf’ way of drawing from kids," he explains. "All artists try to get back to that way of working."

Image: Ricardo Cavolo and Hawanah

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Artist Cody Hudson, whose tee is pictured, agrees with Ricardo, saying "I think there is an honesty in children’s work. It’s not something you can fake."

For this 2018 T-shirt collection artists include Jimmy Turrell, Bryce Wymer, Stina Persson, Martina Paukova, Mr Penfold and Claudine O’Sullivan.

Image: Tee by Cody Hudson and Nita

To celebrate its anniversary, the foundation selected one drawing from each school and handed these three drawings over to the collaborating artists. The ages of winning children range from 7-12. 

Image: Tee by Jimmy Turrell and Hawanah

The tees can be bought at the Face This shop online, with each one given details of the child and school involved in the design.

Image: Design by Bruce Wymer and Nita

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Interestingly, Digital Arts has a part to play in all this, with Jos of Face This having first found some of the collaborators involved on our site.

Hey, that's just how we roll.

Image: T-shirt by Mr Penfold and Rani

Be sure to follow the Face This cause on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Image: T-shirt by Stina Persson and Nita