Justin Maller creates low-poly Star Wars characters for official campaign

To promote HP, the illustrator worked with singer Bonnie McKee, producer !llmind and choreographer PacMan to create a low-poly animation-led ad.

Illustrator Justin Maller was commissioned by HP to create stylised versions of three key characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens for an officially licensed campaign to promote HP's laptops and Sprout Pro desktop. He also provided creative direction for the campaign.

Justin created low-poly versions of BB-8 (shown here), Chewbacca and Kylo in a similar way that he did for 80s and 90s heroes and villians for his Helmetica line of T-shirts – which featured the likes of Master Chief, Optimus Prime and Skeletor.

These were used as part of a promotional video that also features singer Bonnie McKee, producer !llmind and choreographer PacMan. They collaborated to produce the video (above), where they are all shown being creative using HP kit.

Watch a behind-the-scenes clip created by HP.

Image: Kylo Ren

Image: Chewbacca

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Justin (right) on the set of the video with choreographer PacMan.