Kai & Sunny and Shotopop create 3D holographic artworks for Johnnie Walker's Heathrow stand

The animated artworks for the whisky brand are on the theme of 'the ultimate blend'.

Diageo has commissioned artists Kai & Sunny and Shotopop to create 'holographic' animated artworks for its Johnnie Walker Blue Label premium whisky brand, which are on display in the brand's stand in Heathrow Airport.

The artworks are projected into three 3m glass bottles, which will sit in Terminal 5 for two months, before being moved to another airport.

The brand describe Kai & Sunny’s artwork as blending "our signature flavour with their signature line work. The result is a mesmerising animation where the simple becomes complex in an ever-changing cycle of smooth lines. A fitting tribute to a blend made of our rarest whiskies."

Use the slideshow controls above and right to see more photos of the artworks at Heathrow and learn more about the project.

Kai & Sunny’s animated artwork.

A detail from Kai & Sunny's artwork.

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Johnnie Walker says that Shotopop's creation (on the left) "tells the story of the whisky making process with the rare liquid within the cask reimagined as a diamond. This analogy perfectly captures the rarity of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

"And with a blend of painstakingly crafted paper sculptures and graphical illustrations, this piece perfectly showcases the multifaceted and complex nature of both gemstone and whisky."

Alongside the display, a special edition of Jonnie Walker Blue Label is being launched in a 750-bottle limited edition – which features the London skyline on both the bottle and box.