Illustrators celebrate the machine age for GE

Eight artists have created stylised machine-based works that gaze into the future of engineering.

The latest issue of the visually-led Kult quarterly blends arts and science in an exploration of machines that help make the world go round and offers a glimpse into the future. It also serves to highlight new young and upcoming artists from Asia and across the world.

Created in collaboration with General Electric (GE) and ad agency BBDO, the magazine invited artists to bring to life the achievements of GE's machines. Featured are inventions that help power our homes, diagnose illness and move people and goods. They includes famous machines such as the Voyager 1 spacecraft, and lesser known ones like GE's powerful 12-series Locomotive.

“Everyday we use machines to make our lives easier, so much so that we often take them for granted,” said editor Steve Lawler. “This issue explores the engineering feats that take the dreams of science fiction and turn them into science fact.”

Jackie They of BBDO said the collaboration “was designed to showcase GE’s mind-blowing technology and have it represented in an accessible way, through Kult’s unique personality.”

The issue also contains a series of fantastical futuristic inventions that have yet to be realised, but are inspired by unlimited imagination. Selected artworks have been made into short motion graphic vignettes. Available online and for international purchase, the magazine is distributed at the Kult Gallery as well as 100 locations around Singapore.

Image, a detail of the artwork by Mojoko, who's based in Singapore.  

Image by Mojoko, based in Singapore.   

Image by Ong LiJie, a Singaporean artist who incorporates themes of consciousness, coming of age and corporeality in her artwork.

LiJie and her works have been featured in numerous shows including Art Stage Singapore, Daydreams + Nightmares print show and The Canvas Cooler Project by Red Bull.

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Image by KuoCheng Liao, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Taiwan

His works have been featured in 'Typography', 'Student Show' and 'Wacom' galleries online.

According to Kult magazine, KuoCheng's style is similar to that of a slick video game - his works are very organised, aesthetic and always fun to look at.

Image by UK-based artist, illustrator and designer, Matthew Sergison, aka Serge.

Serge currently works on traditional media, using a variety of techniques, from drawing to tablet illustrations, to achieve thorough and subtly coloured, sci-fi inspired artwork.

His past work includes creating pieces for the indie game ‘Amnesia: A machine for pigs’, as well as works for musicians (The Winona Ryders), magazines, festivals and has been featured at the Pallant House gallery in 2014.

Image by freelance illustrator and graphic designer Stephen Chan.

Kult magazine describes Chan as having a distinct cartoonish feel that causes his art to stand out from other artists.

His talents include character design,isometric illustration and branding and designs for fashion and apparel, while clients include the BBC, Facebook and Tiger Beer.

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Image by ArtTech, a self-taught artist, designer, illustrator and motion graphic designer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Clients include ESPN Magazine, Ogilvy & Mather Malaysia & Australia and Fat Boys Records.

His work has also been displayed in multiple exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.