Little Print Shop of Horrors creaks open again in time for Halloween

Get your (disembodied) hands on some re-imagined classic horror movie posters for charity

All Work And No Play

Creative Spark’s annual Little Print Shop of Horrors has reopened once again in time for Halloween, this time to raise money for Forever Manchester.

The creative agency has teamed up again with designers internally and externally to create a series of horror movie posters - this year themed around ‘Award Winning Horror’.

This year also includes a special collaboration with Hollyoaks actress, Jorgie Porter. 

The designers all chose a classic horror movie for their limited edition poster and are competing to raise the most money for the Manchester-based charity. 

11 new posters have been released for sale, joined by a reprint of four of the most popular designs from the past four years, including those inspired by The Shining (pictured).

Heeere's Johnny

The studio was split into teams, giving creative freedom to the design team, directors, operations, business development, collaborators and work experience.

Nick Massey, chief executive for Forever Manchester, said, “Each year this project continues to grow and creates some really impressive designs so we can’t wait to see the end results."

"We’re so grateful for all the hard work and efforts that go into raising money for Forever Manchester – the donations really do make such a difference throughout Greater Manchester."

Rear Window

Neil Marra, founder and Senior Partner of Creative Spark, is an ambassador for Forever Manchester.

He said: “It’s amazing this project is in its fifth year – it just gets better and better every time we launch. Little Print Shop of Horrors is the type of campaign that everyone looks forward to from January and something we love to do for such a great cause.”

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Rosemary's Baby

You can purchase the prints by visiting


James O’Connell, Alistair Dickie and Caroline Perch from Creative Spark were inspired by Tim Burton’s 1988 ‘Beetlejuice.’

Designed in conjunction with Jorgie Porter, this print features the quirky trademark house from the film.

Adding a unique twist, this team incorporated the Beetlejuice snake persona that terrorises those who roam the interior of the property. 

Sweeney Todd

Inspired by Tim Burton’s blockbuster hit ‘Sweeney Todd’ this print, designed by Rachel Whale, Luke Gosling, Michael Huckerby and Alex Chau, is a compilation of items iconic to Mr Todd and Mrs Lovett's gruesome trade.

The bold, unconventional colour scheme mirrors Sweeney Todd’s unsuspecting character. The use of meat pies were purposely chosen by this team to sit seamlessly amongst other, more cutting objects.

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Jurassic Park

This print is inspired by one of the first scenes that made designer Cherville Fryer from Jelly London Illustration hold her breath in fear.

The print takes advantage of a red, white and black colour scheme and remains faithful to the film’s dino aesthetic.

Lightning and rain is used in combination to add a heavy silhouette to leave enough to the imagination but still inform what is happening. 

Jekyll & Hyde

This print, designed by Will Bovill, Neil Marra and Lewis Crowder from Creative Spark is inspired by Rouben Mamoulian’s 1931 horror film ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde', based on the classic by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Forging together a stethoscope and a snake this print highlights Dr Jekyll’s clinical, caring demeanor with his alter ego’s, Mr Hyde’s, aggressive nature.


This minimal print, designed by Creative Spark’s Ben Sexstone, Ed Hone and Lucy Cummings, is inspired by the notorious egg discovery scene from Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi classic, Alien.

The eggs represent the mostly dormant nest found in the alien spaceship, with one in particular containing a deadly surprise.

A subtle nod to the film's length, the number of eggs equate to the film’s running time.


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Inspired by the 1897 gothic horror novel ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker, this print is created by Lee Hodges from Illustration Web.

Within this print Hodges has taken advantage of the heart and its symbolism of life and death, surrounded by the hands of the central characters.

Taking a gothic,Tim Burton style approach to creating this print, Lee’s entry utilises a limited colour palette of red, black and white tones to create a gothic atmosphere.  

Sleepy Hollow

Designed by Matt Saunders and inspired by Tim Burton’s 1999 gothic horror film, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ this print uses the character, The Headless Horseman, as the focal point. 

When creating the piece, Saunders wanted to create something simple and graphical which could work as a book jacket and be something that people might want on the wall all year round, rather than just being a severed head.

Using minimal, black forest imagery against the vivid background, Matt wished to emulate an orangey-red colour similar to classic Hammer Horror films, which were an inspiration to Tim Burton.

American Psycho 

Inspired by Mary Harron’s ‘American Psycho’, Robyn Makinson wished to combine the elements of Americana with an iconic item from the film.

By keeping it simple, sticking to the 'patriotic' red hue and incorporating a few blood stains, Makinson, in conjunction with Brazen PR, has produced a piece that is subtly sinister.   

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