London artists to sip tea whilst designing limited-edition tea boxes

Five artists will drink tea and draw at Shoreditch’s T2 store for London Design Festival

Australian-founded hipster loose-leaf tea company T2 is playing its part for London Design Festival – by commissioning five artists to redesign its iconic box packaging in a brilliant display of colour and creativity.

T2 will host a week-long open workshop (September 18-22) at its Shoreditch store, showcasing live talent from London’s artists and illustrators. Five artists – Katie Scott, Sarah Tanat-Jones, William Grill, Ben Rider and Nick Hayes – will spend one day each creating limited edition designs onto individual tea boxes, dubbed ‘one-on-one’ designs. The boxes will be turned into white canvases for the first time. 

The artists will get to choose one of the brand’s best-selling teas, and use the flavour and smell as inspiration to visually express the tea, creating a rather lovely sensory experience. Flavours include French Earl Grey, Gone Surfing, London Breakfast and Gorgeous Geisha.

The store (seen here) will remain open to the public who can watch the artists in action. Customers can also buy the artist's limited-edition "no-two-the-same" boxes for £20 each throughout the day.

T2 has over 200 varieties to explore, and its stores have always offered a sensory experience; with smelling tables, a brew bar, tastings and samples all available for the public to try, so make sure you head over and check it out.

See the different artists' styles so you know what to expect when they take over T2's Shoreditch store from Monday September 18 to Friday 22. 

Katie Scott is a freelance illustrator based in London, who has a flair for line drawing flora and fauna. Katie’s clients include the New York Times, The Verge, BBC, Converse, Urban Outfitters and more. She’s represented for commercial work by Big Active.

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Katie will be in store on: Monday September 18

Sarah grew up in Brighton, studied at Edinburgh College of Art before living in Glasgow for a bit and now in London. She draws by hand using brush and ink, and creates colours digitally with bright shades. Her clients inlcude Unilever, Asos, The Guardian, Universal and loads more. She’s represented by Handsome Frank.

Sarah will be in store on: Tuesday September 19

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London-based illustrator William Grill wrote and illustrated children’s book Shackleton’s Journey (all about Ernest Shackleton’s voyage in Antarctica) which won many awards including a Kate Greenaway medal in 2015. His main interest lies in narrative illustration and publishing, using coloured pencils and relief printmaking.

William runs a weekly art club and has given workshops at The Design Museum.

William will be in store on: Wednesday September 20

Ben Rider specialises in rough, raw, punky image making with loud graphics, attracting the likes of Samsung, Brew Dog and Film 4. The commercial illustrator and teacher loves fluorescent ink and print making, acting as “a middle finger to the increasingly homogenised slick corporate world sold to us”.

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Ben will be in store on: Thursday September 21

Nick is both an illustrator and writer who lives in East London. He is a man of many talents; dabbling in graphic novels, cartoons, prints, design and writing. He’s draws political cartoons for The Guardian and other publications every month.

Nick will be in store on: Friday September 22

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