ManvsMachine, Sawdust, Supermundane & more create artworks for Dolby offices

Dolby Laboratories commissioned a global range of 22 artists and design studios to create a new series of artwork based on its iconic double D logo.

You'll probably know Dolby Laboratories from its brand adverts at the cinema, but the audio and video company also has a strong appreciation for art. It's collaborated with a global range of 22 artists and design studios, including UK favourites Rob Lowe aka Supermundane, Sawdust and Pentagram, to create an inspiring and beautifully abstract new series of artwork to hang in their offices around the world.

The chosen artists were given a simple design concept based on the iconic double D logo - essentially two half circles - and given creative freedom to make their own statement and interpretation. The prints all fit within a wireframe form of two symmetrical half spheres, inspired by the Dolby logo mark. The works will be reproduced for other Dolby offices, "to spark the imaginations of Dolby employees".

The initiative follows the success of San Fransisco Design Week. The works will be showcased at the Dolby San Fransisco headquarters on June 15 in its atrium.

Image: Territory

The Dolby Art Series includes 27 prints and three video works which will be added to the Dolby Gallery (an extension to the lobby at Dolby San Fransisco) and be included in the new Dolby Cinema. The Dolby Gallery features a variety of audio and visual art displayed on a 62-foot LED screen. Previous art installations include A Study of Matter by New York design studio VolvoxLabs, and work reflecting the history of Dolby.

Other artists in the Dolby Art Series include Volvox Lab from Poland, GMUNK, Territory in San Fransisco, ManvsMachine in London, Mucho and others from Poland, Turkey, Australia, Berlin, New York, Sweden, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Thailand. You can see a full list of the artists and their work here.

Image: Supermundane

“We wanted art that can inspire our global employees and connote our passion for advancing the science of sight and sound through creativity, innovation and invention,” says executive creative director at Dolby, Vince Voron.

Dolby Laboratories creates audio, video and voice technology mostly known for cinema, but also for mobile devices and within the home.

Check out some of the designs. 

Image: GMUNK

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Image: Sawdust

Image: Sara Andreasson

Image:  Pentagram

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Image: Gretel

Image: Experimental Jetset

Image: Field 

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Image: Daniel Freytag

Image: Onformative

Image: Michael Paul Young

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Image: Motoi Shito