Marion Deuchars' hand-crafted posters are a call-to-action for the D&AD Awards

The illustrator has hand-drawn, painted and taped slogans to promote the D&AD Awards week of judging and talks.

Illustrator Marion Deuchars has created a series of type-based posters to promote the D&AD Awards 2015' Judging Week. You can hear from her about the project in the video above.

The week brings together high profile creatives from across the advertising industries to judge this year's awards. Entries are placed in an exhibition, which this year will be opened up to the public after the judges have finished – and accompanied by a series of talks also open to the wider industry.

The concept, by The Oldham Goddard Experience, was to make the posters a rallying cry for creative excellence - drawing on the kind of banners you used to see at political demonstrations until it became easy and cheap to mass-produce art for placards down your local print shop.

“When you look at things like handbills and flyers and placards at a demonstration or protest,” says creative director and partner, John Goddard. “what you see is all kinds of voices trying to be heard. It had to be diverse to feel authentic. So we all chipped in to build a long-list of slogans…. After that it was a matter of finding a way to express those voices visually.”

“I’d worked with Marion [Deuchars] before on the Hand.Written.Letter.Project book," says co-founder and creative director Craig Oldham. “Her work has the perfect balance of craft and creativity.”

“We were made up with what Marion came back with,” adds Goddard. “She completely understood the idea and just ran with it. She’s utterly versatile, but you always know it’s her. And that’s exactly what we needed – someone who could somehow unify these different voices into a single (I hate to say it) ‘on brand’ message.”

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The talks include 10 sessions where judges discuss their how they pick winning entries – plus President's Lectures from Dougal Wison, Oliviero Toscano and Neil Harbisson.

For more info on the talks and exhibition – and to book tickets – visit the D&AD's site.

As well as sloganeering, Marian also created The Judge's Charter.

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