Matt Lyon’s 70s-inspired visuals brighten Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommyland

British artist Matt Lyon has designed the logo, illustrations and type for the clothing label’s Tommyland campaign – bringing out the early 70s California style of their new range.

London-based illustrator and artist Matt Lyon (or c86 as he’s known online) is behind the visuals of Tommy Hilfiger’s massive new campaign – Tommyland – to promote the clothing brand’s Spring/Summer 2017 range on the runway in LA. 

Tommy Hilfiger’s creative team approached Matt’s agency, Jelly London, to work with Matt on the visual identity for their second in-season runway show. The show took form as a large-scale, festival-inspired event along Venice Beach, even described as a “miniature Coachella”.

Tommyland included amusement rides, food trucks, graffiti artists, roller-skaters, acrobats, fire-throwers and musical performances. The event attracted attention for celebrity appearances from supermodel Gigi Hadid and Lady Gaga. 

Matt designed the entire toolkit for the event – including type, graphic assets, design of the main Tommyland logo, and complimentary spot illustrations that were used throughout the event.

Matt’s illustrations act as a reflection of the California energy and excess of the 60s and 70s – which is the style of Tommy Hilfiger’s new collection.

Being described as a digital and mixed-media artist, and inspired by folk art, fine art and illustration, Matt usually creates bright colours and bold geometric shapes and patterns as the result of “incessant doodling”.

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The British illustrator has worked for brands such as Nike, Urban Outfitters, AT&T and Microsoft, as well as designs for books, magazines and wall spaces. His work has been exhibited in Europe, the US and Far East.

Image: Matt Lyon's Tommyland visual identity for Tommy Hilfiger