Narcos With Attitude is a graphic crimelord collection by Sara Enríquez

These textured vector illustrations give a new look to to a line up of criminal kingpins.

If like us you've been glued to Netflix's recent Narcos series about the rise and fall of Columbian drug cartel leader Pablo Escobar, you'll be drawn to the first in this series of artworks called Narcos With Attitude.

NWA is a collection of heavily textured vector illustrations of notorious crimelords by Madrid-based Sara Enríquez.

Others in the series – which you can see on the following pages – include Manuel Charlin Gama, Al Capone, Sito Miñanco and Laureano Oubiña.

Manuel Charlin Gama is the head of the Charlin clan of crime families in Galicia, Spain. The clan's main activities involve smuggling drugs and cigarettes, but have also committed murder.

Jose Ramon Prado Bugallo – better known as Sito Miñanco – is currently serving a 16-year, 10-month sentence in Spain for overseeing the smuggling of five tons of cocaine. Alongside this he was fined 390 million euros.

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Alphonse Gabriel 'Al' Capone is synonymous with the term 'gangster', bootlegging alcohol in the Prohibition years in the US with a reputation for extreme violence.

He was eventually sentenced to 11 years in prison for tax evasion in 1931, where he his health deteriorated due to syphilis-induced dementia. He died of a heart attack following a stroke in 1947.

Laureano Oubiña Pino has been convicted of smuggling snuff and hashish, and money laundering and is currently in prison in Spain.

Sara used Illustrator and Photoshop brushes for the stylised artwork, which are also available on t-shirts, notebooks and bags.

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