Neonmob lets you collect and swap digital artworks just like Panini stickers

Collect and swap prints by artists - or submit your own – like we used to with football or Garbage Pail Kids stickers.

Trading cards – whether Panini football stickers or gross Garbage Pail Kids – were an important part of the childhood of many of us here at Digital Arts. Collecting cards and the joy of completing a set or book brought out the nerd in even the most sports-loving child – and the delicate playground negotiations around swaps were a good training ground for the personal and professional deals we make as adults.

NeonMob is a website that attempts to evoke those feelings in us as adults, allowing you to collect prints from a variety of artists – which you can then trade with other site users. Prints are collected into packs – such as the just-added Care Bears: Classics collection shown here. As with the old packs you used to buy down the newsagent, you 'open' packs and get a card drawn at random from the collection – which are graded in order of rarity (from Common to Extremely Rare).

You get some prints for free – and you can buy credits for more prints.

NeonMob's prints aren't high-res enough to produce real-prints from – but the company recommends using an Electric Objects EO1 digital picture frame to display your collections.

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